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AfterWords Actors Studio

Why "AfterWords"?

We feel that the actor's job, for the most part, begins after the words have been written.  The playwright has toiled and poured out their ideas and passions onto the page so we, the actor, can bring those words to life.

How did the studio come about?

Kathy Patterson (Founder):  If you would've told me that I would be running an acting studio, I would've laughed.  I'm an actor.  I graduated with a degree in Theatre back in the *cough*70's and that's what I've been doing with my life.  That's what I have been trained to do; not run a studio!  But life sometimes takes you in different directions and you never know where you'll end up!

Bottom line:  I love actors.  I love seeing them flourish.  I love encouraging them to be the best at their craft.  I have helped cast several projects here in the Lehigh Valley and in Baltimore and I fell in LOVE with finding actors work! I love the craft and I wanted to share the knowledge with others who want to keep their acting chops fresh.  I wanted to create an environment that allows actors to stretch their acting muscles.  I wanted to create an environment where actors feel safe and free to discuss their desires, their fears, their passion.  Being an actor myself, I know what comes with practicing this beautiful art.  I can empathize with others when they feel the frustration of constant rejection and I can celebrate with them when they get that callback, or BOOK THE JOB!  :)

I want actors to know that AfterWords is an actor's space.  Whether you need space for auditions, play readings, a place to hang out and talk all-things-acting, we're here.  We're currently working on bringing you classes, workshops, holding play readings, and many other opportunities to discuss the art AND the business.

AfterWords is a studio created BY actors FOR actors.

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