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March 22, 23 & 24, 2019
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In Collaboration with Global ImpACTORS Group

Actors Script Workshop Intensive

"Echos in Eternity" by Tesia Nicoli

 Tesia Nicoli, Instructor
Friday, March 22 (7:00 - 9:30 pm) 
Saturday, March 23 (10:00 am - 1:00 pm) and 
Sunday, March 24 (1:00 - 4:00 pm)

Want to be a part of a play, but can’t commit to a crazy rehearsal schedule? Don’t have the time to memorize a ton of lines? Get a taste of the play experience for one weekend!  Join this class, get cast as a character, and play the role for at least three readings of a new script…


Experience acting and script analyzation on a level that is rarely offered. Join in on this exciting workshop as you get to play a character from a new full length play for three full readings over 8 hours. This is a valuable experience for any actor to gain experience while exercising your acting muscle!


What is involved in this workshop?

Session 1: During the first 2 hours you will first read through the script in a typical table read setting – getting to know your character and the main plot points in the script. Actors are encouraged to take notes in the script as they read along. A group discussion after the reading will address questions and comments.

Session 2: The following 3 hours will be a full script-in-hand reading – complete with basic blocking and movement within the space. Actors will enter and exit the space as per the stage directions. There may be some pauses for adjustment between and during the scenes. After this reading any script alterations will be made and we will incorporate any changes for the final reading.

Session 3: In the final 3 hours actors will read the script in the space incorporating any new changes and/or direction. A final group discussion will conclude the workshop.


In this extraordinary workshop, actors will:

  1. Utilize their talent and engage with a group of actors in a professional setting.

  2. Obtain direction and guidance.

  3. Use skills to enhance a script and interpret a character.

  4. Take simple direction and follow some stage directions.

  5. Learn more about character and script development/analyzation.


Along the way actors will be asked to delve into their characters and question their motives. Actor’s opinions will be encouraged.


What script are we reading?

The chosen play was written by local playwright, acting coach, and actress, Tesia Nicoli. She will be guiding and directing the group throughout this developmental workshop. She is an active member of the Dramatists Guild and has been named a finalist in numerous playwriting competitions all over the country. Her play, Red Wrench will be produced this April in Riverton, NJ and Three Fortunes will be produced here in Allentown, PA in May 2019. Echoes in Eternity Synopsis: A serious brain injury has halted Emma’s genius, leaving a mystery in its wake. Her sister Juli has lingering anger issues with Emma - while feeling sincere concern for her well-being. Juli discovers that Emma is involved with something dangerous and as she fills in the gaps, she learns what Emma has been hiding from her. As Juli uncovers the answers, more questions pop up in their place. With the help and guidance of Glenn, Leena, and a shady security guard, Juli puts the pieces together and is forever changed.


We can only accept up to six actors for this workshop.

Two female roles are leads and the additional four roles are supporting.  Please indicate if you are not okay with being cast outside of your type (gender, age range, etc.). Preference will be given to actors who best fit the type, though it is not necessary.


Admittance into this class is pending instructor’s approval. Experience is preferred. Those without experience will need to submit a video audition. Additionally, if we exceed the amount of people needed, we will offer you an opportunity to be an Observer. Ages 18 and older only please. Adult actors of all ages encouraged to join in.


Not ready to act, but want to observe? Sign up as an Observer!  Observers are encouraged (though not required) to contribute to the after-reading conversations and share their opinions.  




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