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September 14
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Teleprompter Training

with Diane Bakos
Saturday, September 14th
1:00pm - 4:00pm 

Talent + Skills = Bookings

Bookings = $$$

One skill that can add to those bookings and that $$$ in a major way is the ability to read teleprompter. 

As an actor, you're going to run into auditions, shoots, and live opportunities that require you to know how to read off a moving screen.  If you can't do it, you're missing out on a lot of potential work!

Diane Bakos is a longtime news anchor/talk show host/actor whose career has revolved around teleprompter, and she's going to show you the tricks of the trade.  Not only will you learn to read to camera like a pro, she'll teach you how to handle other situations that most classes never touch on.  

Strong teleprompter skills give you a leg up in the industry.  They help you book more jobs, and relieve you of the pressure to memorize everything.  You do not want to walk into an audition and be surprised that the Casting Director wants you to read off prompter!

Class size is limited to six, in order to give every participant time to read, watch playback, and receive feedback.


Diane Bakos was a longtime news anchor/reporter; jobs for which teleprompter skills are essential.  She's additionally hosted live broadcasts and multiple talk shows.  Her teleprompter skills have been in high demand in her work now as an actor, especially with regard to training videos, ELearning series, and pharmaceutical projects.  "Nothing makes me happier than walking into a room and being told we're working with teleprompter.  I know we'll be done in a fraction of the time a memorized shoot would take.  This is a skill every actor should have in their back pocket." 

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